It is a project born from the meeting of the words that gave it the name "PUNTOCUORE".

The Point is sometimes far and difficult to reach, and the heart is the only way to reach it.

The true origin will remain preserved in its name, but certainly it lives in every toast, in every jewel and in undisturbed looks during an aperitif.

Puntocuore Share it, Dress it, Enjoy it...


Puntocuore fuses the sharing of a moment of relaxation between two people and the sharing of the words that it hides under the label.

The union of the quality Prosecco Doc and the phrase that accompanies Brindisi per Due, makes Puntocuore a product suitable for all and for all occasions, with the particularity that words read with the Smartphone can be stored in one's Gallery or shared.

Il tempo si condivide con le persone più care, come le parole nascoste che si possono condividere all'istante.

Toast for two


The initials of Punto Cuore form the symbol of universal feeling.

Puntocuore is a symbol of simplicity and of the same importance that represents it with a modern design suitable for all situations and for every occasion. It can represent a different friendship or the deeper feeling, with the certainty that wearing it, you will wear his thought.

Un oggetto semplice che acquista più valore nello stesso momento in cui viene indossato.

Indossando Puntocuore si indosserà il pensiero di chi lo ha regalato e la frase nascosta aggiungerà un sorriso ai vostri momenti.


Toasting everywhere and on every occasion is always exciting, wearing something that makes us feel closer to the person we care about is important, but living a moment where the eyes look undisturbed is definitely the best time you can devote.

Puntocuore is also the place where you can experience a moment of serenity together with whoever we want, leaving the distractions out of sight and dedicating yourself to that time that sometimes the hectic life does not make us live as we should ...

Puntocuore was a dream come true, but with a part that still needs to be realized and soon what still needs to be born, will be born ...

"If you can dream it, you can do it ..." (Cit. Walt Disney)